$100,000 Donation Destined For Fiji

$100,000 Donation Destined For Fiji

NACare received a very generous donation of $100,000 to be used for disaster assistance in Fiji. Approximately 13,855 individual items were purchased with the donated funds according to the donation parameters. These items include new clothing for children and adults, detergent, disinfectant and personal hygiene products.


Pictures from Top left:

  1. The first purchase batch of Children’s and Adults clothing.
  2. The first load of sanitary products not able to be delivered, have been picked up.
  3. The items were initially stored in multiple storage areas like this one. These boxes hold around 50 adult items of clothing or 100 children’s items of clothing, each. This storage room and similar ones like it were stacked to the roof and up to the door.
  4. The office area generously donated by INCO Properties so we can gather all the products in the one place to be sorted and repacked for dispatch.
  5. The purchased products previously stored in multiple storage areas start to gather in the sorting area.
  6. More products from multiple storage areas gathering in the sorting area.
  7. Boxes are now stacked about 2 metres high or higher, and are about 2 metres deep from the wall.
  8. Some of the businesses we purchased products from, donated additional products free of charge when they heard what the products were going to be used for. The clothing racks in the last picture have around 220 donated children’s costumes hanging on them. These items whilst not suitable for disaster relief, will be sold to generate additional funds for future disaster relief. The Clothing racks have been loaned to us by ABSOE Office furniture at no charge to help us with the mammoth sorting process soon to commence.

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