NACare Disaster Relief Kits Ready for Dispatch

NACare Disaster Relief Kits Ready for Dispatch

Volunteers have been busily sorting through the 13,855 individual items referred to in our 27 NOV 2017 news article. The first batch of disaster relief kits are ready for dispatch to disaster areas in Fiji and the South Pacific as needed. There are several different kits, one contains 25 teddy bears to give the little ones something to help comfort them, 4 versions of mixed clothing, 3 versions of personal hygiene kits, and 2 versions of blanket set kits. All the donated items including the bags are brand new products.

Pictures from Top left to right

1. A middle size mixed clothing kit and contents.
2. A large size mixed clothing kit and contents.
3. The teddy bear kit for the little ones.
4. When you open the bag, the teddies start trying to get out all by themselves.
5. One of the medium size personal hygiene kits.
6. One of the small size blanket kits.
7. The first 100 small size kits all packed and ready for dispatch.
8. The first 100 medium and large kits all packed and ready for dispatch.
9. The 4 lady team that have done such an amazing job sorting through and organising the 13,855 donated items. From left to right, Naomi, Raj, Sokha and Su.

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The NACare Foundation, ABN 43 115 488 662, is an Australian Registered Public Ancillary Fund (Charity) CH 2781, which is endorsed by the ATO as a Deductible Gift Recipient to receive tax deductible donations. NACare has been established by the New Apostolic Church for the Australia and South Pacific region.

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