Move-a-thon 2015

Move-a-thon 2015

Saturday, 24 October was a very special day for all congregations of the New Apostolic Church on the Australian continent. It had been planned as a national day of fellowship where each congregation was invited to plan some fellowship activities for the members.

The reports are that the event was an outstanding success as everyone knew that their fellow brethren were bonded together in activity.

The project began with an invitation last year from District Apostle Woll of Canada to District Apostle Andersen to join them in a day of physical activity across the two nations. The invitation quickly turned into a friendly challenge to see which nation could travel the furthest distance when all the activities were added together. Thus the international Move-a-thon was born. To add even further competition, it was decided that the occasion would also be used to raise funds for charitable purposes. Canada had already held their Move-a-thon event in the warm June weather and had been waiting for Australia to complete theirs as they entered their springtime season.

In Australia the members adapted to the environment where the various congregations are located; some in the tropical climate and some still in the grips of cold and wet conditions. However, all enjoyed a day of great joy as the various activities showed the ingenuity of many. In some places Sunday School children, youth and seniors alike walked many kilometres to add to the aggregate total while others cycled or ran marathon style. In one congregation some seniors even drove on ride-on lawnmowers for 12 kilometres!

Picnic lunches, barbeques and all other known forms of enjoyment topped off a day where congregational spirit was at its peak. As for the results: on this occasion Australia were the runners up, however the fellowship that was enjoyed by so many more than makes up for this. In addition, the contributions of so many towards the new charity NACare produced an outstanding result with total funds raised in excess of $20,000!