Kujenga Maisha East Africa (KUMEA)


Kujenga Maisha East Africa (KUMEA) was established and registered in Kenya in June 2010 as an NGO for the New Apostolic Church; East Africa District. It grew out of the Relief and humanitarian efforts of the church that had been going on for five years. HIV/AIDS, illiteracy and poor climatic conditions are major contributors to rural poverty in East Africa. KUMEA therefore feels duty bound to respond to the needs of these communities.

Although KUMEA is a Faith based NGO, it operates beyond the boundaries of the New Apostolic church. It brings together people of all faiths and persuasions without discrimination. KUMEA seeks to improve the living conditions of vulnerable members of the community through developmental activities. It is a vehicle through which an organization or individual can contribute towards sustainable development in the communities of East Africa. The Objectives of KUMEA are:-

  • Enhancing agricultural crop and animal yield through modern, innovative, cost effective and efficient farming techniques and improving sanitation
  • Employing agricultural extension officers to train adult Kenyans in modern farming techniques and assisting them acquire managerial skills;
  • Drilling boreholes and erecting water catchments reservoirs
  • Distributing farm implements free or at subsidized cost to individual or collective members of the beneficiary communities, and actively initiating or participating in activities and projects aimed at economic empowerment of the people within the organisation’s sphere of operation.
  • Engaging members and the general public in environmental conservation efforts and sensitization.