Mission Work


The New Apostolic Church sees its primary mission - its mission - in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and pastoral care. In addition, as another central element of the Christian faith, attention to the individual, who has come in need and has become needy, has special significance. Thus, signs of Christian charity can be set and relief can be provided in some way. 
The coordination and promotion of the humanitarian engagement of the New Apostolic Church South Germany, Kdö.R., is carried out through the missionary work of the New Apostolic Church Southern Germany . The registered association based in Stuttgart pursues exclusively and directly charitable, benevolent and ecclesiastical purposes in Germany and abroad.


The emergence of the missionary work

The increased spread of the New Apostolic faith in areas of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe is associated with not inconsiderable costs. In addition to the costs of the required travel of the clergy to the assisted countries, the construction of churches and, for example, the purchase of off-road vehicles for the care of the church members, it is often necessary to take on the sometimes very great material distress of the people living there. To finance these costs, the decision is made to transfer certain tasks of "missionary work" to a non-profit organization. This is registered on 23.08.1993 as a New Apostolic Relief Organization eV in the Register of Associations Stuttgart and is the forerunner of today's missionary work of the New Apostolic Church Southern Germany