The foundation NAK-Humanitas supports and initiates social and charitable projects in Germany and abroad as well as humanitarian aid in war and disaster-damaged areas worldwide. It primarily supports concrete and sustainable third-party projects with financial contributions, and prefers smaller regional institutions. Contributions to individuals can not be targeted. The foundation also realizes its own projects, either alone or in cooperation with partner organizations.


The NAK-Humanitas focuses its funding activities on projects in the three areas of disease and old age, social and humanitarian aid and sets within these areas clear content and geographic focus:

Illness and age

  • Public and private institutions, such as retirement, care, disability and care homes and organizations, aid organizations, hospitals, start-up and counseling centers.
  • Institutions for the rehabilitation of the mentally ill, measures against drug and alcohol abuse, reintegration measures.
  • Medical devices and hospital equipment not used in the administrative sector.


  • Families, children, youth, seniors, refugees, etc.
  • Schools, kindergartens or nurseries, emergency shelters, etc.
  • Unemployment, poverty, vocational training, etc.

Humanitarian aid

  • Hunger, catastrophes, war victims, human rights.
  • medical help, food, clothes, accommodation.
  • Reconstruction assistance, support of other aid organizations in concrete actions in crisis areas.