New Apostolic Church Relief Organization (NACRO)

New Apostolic Church Relief Organization (NACRO) is a relief and developmental organisation of the New Apostolic Church District Apostle Area (NACDAA) 28, which covers Zambia, Malawi and Zimbabwe. It was first registered in Zambia as Henwood Foundation in 2002 under the Societies Act. NACRO aims to promote developmental activities among the communities where it operates.

Core Values

NACRO is a faith based organisation with strong Christian beliefs with a duty to touch several lives without any form of segregation or discrimination in communities it operates. It is based on this background that NACRO has the following core Values and Beliefs:

  •  Fairness
  •  Honesty
  •  Integrity
  •  Non discriminatory
  •  Faithfulness
  •  Equality

Our Mission

“A faith based organization that seeks to transform needy communities in the areas it operates into self sustenance through improved livelihood and food security, access to education, health services and acquisition of survival skills.”

Our Vision

“NACRO envisages a socially and economically equitable, free thinking and self sufficient community in DAA 28 and other areas where it operates.”

Our Five Strategic Directions

Here below are the five strategic directions that NACRO pursues.

  • Increase access to education
  • Improve the health status of the vulnerable
  • Improve household income, nutrition and food security
  • Disaster mitigation and risk reduction
  • Organisational development and institutional strengthening of HF