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Split Firewood


1 Cubic Metre

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2 Cubic Metre

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Terms & Conditions

•   Delivery not included (contact Eden Trees before committing to purchase to get delivery quote).

•   This voucher is only valid for 3 months from date of purchase, unless extension has been requested from and approved by Eden Trees.


Reasons to get our Firewood


Purchasing firewood should be effortless. Cuddling up close to a warm fireplace or using wood to heat your home shouldn’t demand hard work or haggling over prices. Eden Trees Split Firewood is known for providing our clients across the cities with high-quality firewood.
Perfectly seasoned and clean, our firewood will burn longer, slower and with less smoke than fresher, greener wood. All of our firewood is a blend of hardwoods like Ironbark, Bluegum, Tallowwood, Spotted Gum and the like which are the perfect types of wood for long burning fires.


Firewood Uses

Firewood is an alternative energy source. It’s relatively clean, efficient and safe. Fireplaces and wood stoves are rapidly obtaining new popularity as primary or supplementary heat sources for homes. The rising costs of conventional home heating fuels have caused many people to use firewood instead! Lots of people also use fireplaces and bonfire pits for holidays, parties and more to give great ambience and a beautiful gathering space.

Whether you need a few loads for winter or a huge bulk load, we’ve got what you’re looking for! We look forward to being your firewood supplier. Eden Tree Service and Firewood makes sure the firewood you get is seasoned. This means it’s been cut, split and dried out of the weather for approximately for no less than 12 months before we sell it.

How much is your firewood?

  • 1m3 – $120 inc. GST
  • 2m3 – $230 inc. GST
  • 3m3 – $340 inc. GST


Plus delivery

I’d like to order some of your firewood, what now?
Great, you won’t be disappointed with our product or our service! Contact us and we can arrange a delivery or you can pick up, by arrangement, from our depot.


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