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Tree Removal


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Terms & Conditions

•   No two trees are the same. Contact Eden Trees before committing to purchase to get delivery quote.

•   This voucher is only valid for 3 months from date of purchase, unless extension has been requested from and approved by Eden Trees.


5 Reasons to remove your trees


If your tree(s) are:

  • Unsafe: when the tree is dead or has become a potential hazardous to you and your property.
  • Unhealthy: Your trees have become stressed, diseased, are in rapid decline.
  • Unstable: when your tree is structurally unsound from root, trunk or stem failure.
  • Unwanted: Identified nuisance Weed species.
  • Impacting Infrastructure: Trees growing into existing or planned building or services above and below the ground.


It takes a great deal of skill, team work and experience to safely and efficiently remove a tree!

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For all your tree care services requirements choose the company with over 20 years experience. We value your property like our own and ensure that there is no danger to your household. Ask about our Safety Guarantee.

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