Our Donor Partners are businesses who pledge multiple products and/or services, ongoing, on a full and/or partial donation basis, which are to be utilised for charitable purposes. NACare Foundation utilise these donations to help and support Communities within Australia and the South Pacific region to improve and strengthen their Communities, be more prepared for and recover from, natural and man made disasters, and to help and support Australian registered Charities operating within Australia and the South Pacific region.
To support NACare's community activities, just click on one of the Donor Partner images below, and any purchases you make via this website will result in a partial donation to NACare.



Edisons has a huge range of garden tools & garden machinery. With all machinery, they understand that sometimes you need the support and spare parts that keep your chainsaw, lawn mower or pressure cleaner & washer running for years to come. That’s why Edisons stock spare parts for most of their products and have a large team of service technicians to provide support.

They ensure there are spare parts available when you need them. So not only do they provide the best value for money for your initial purchase, but they give you peace of mind for years after you have purchased your piece of equipment.

Edisons is a proud Aussie retailer! 


NACare Foundation are proud to present and acknowledge our donors for their ongoing financial, product and services support. Please support our donors through your purchases wherever you can.