Our Donor Partners are businesses who pledge multiple products and/or services, ongoing, on a full and/or partial donation basis, which are to be utilised for charitable purposes. NACare Foundation utilise these donations to help and support Communities within Australia and the South Pacific region to improve and strengthen their Communities, be more prepared for and recover from, natural and man made disasters, and to help and support Australian registered Charities operating within Australia and the South Pacific region.
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Pressure Washers

Edisons is home to Jet-USA pressure washers, one of the Australia’s top pressure washer brands on the market today. Using a pressure washer saves you precious time and energy on tough and hard-to-reach cleaning jobs. Jet-USA’s range of petrol pressure washers and electric pressure washers includes lightweight domestic units and a heavy-duty and high-powered commercial range. With Jet-USA, a wide range of cleaning needs can be fulfilled, from stubborn dirt, dust, mud and grime to construction waste and even graffiti.

A must-have for anyone looking to clean driveways, decks and patios, roofs, boats, trucks, boats and other vehicles, Jet-USA’s commercial-grade pressure cleaners are also commonly used for graffiti removal and cleaning construction sites and equipment. Jet-USA pressure washers are designed to be durable and easily manoeuvred, with additional features such as a direct detergent injection system for enhanced cleaning power and an array of cleaning brush heads help assist in all types of cleaning tasks. With Jet-USA, you have the ultimate power cleaning tool at your fingertips.


Pressure Washers

Edisons is a proud Aussie retailer! 


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