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Great Results Online, a Personal Approach Offline

We've been at this for nearly a quarter of a century (some of you might remember when simply having a website was a big thing). The reason we are still around and growing comes down to a simple but effective philosophy that drives everything we do - getting to know you and understanding your business.

We've seen marketing grow into an incredibly diverse range of activities over the years and in step with that, we are always expanding our range of services. However, what hasn't changed is that we still see a hard-working, results-producing website as the hub of any marketing strategy. So professional website design and SEO are still at the heart of what we do, and we offer a range of complimentary services from there.

Accordingly, we have assembled a team of specialists who can take your entire marketing program to new heights with services such as graphic design, print, Google Adwords, social media, and email marketing.




About Catalyst Directions

We know that online marketing is not everyone's idea of fun and it can even be a bit daunting. However, it is a necessity in today's business environment and it does happen to be our area of expertise as well as our idea of fun. When you work with us, we'll make sure your online marketing is working hard for you so that so that you can focus on your business and your passion.

We have assembled a skilled full-time staff as well as a network of talented specialists who work with us to provide you the best support in all online areas from websites to social media, mobile apps, copywriting, and top rankings in Google.

Our Story

Catalyst Directions began in Bundaberg as part of InterWorX Technologies, which opened in 1996. InterWorX provided access to something that was an exciting new concept at the time - the World Wide Web!

Being the first locally based Internet Service Provider in Bundaberg, it logically followed that businesses started asking InterWorX to develop websites so that they could claim their 'piece of the web'. Ultimately, the web design business became its own entity - Catalyst Directions.

The current owner of Catalyst Directions, Bevan Moller, started with the InterWorX team in 2002, with a fresh new degree in IT, a keen interest in website design, and an eagerness to learn how to apply those skills to help customers improve their business. In 2011 Bevan became the owner of Catalyst Directions and started setting about developing his vision for its future.

2013 Flood

In 2013, we were one of the many Bundaberg businesses directly affected by the flood when our office in North Bundaberg was inundated with almost a metre of water. We lost some furniture and there was some back-breaking work involved in cleaning up the office. However, thanks to our systems and technology, all of our clients' files and websites were safe in secure data centres out of harms way. While we scrubbed, our clients online presence was not interrupted and we were still able to operate our business from a temporary location.

Catalyst Directions Now

From starting life as an 'add-on' of InterWorX, Catalyst Directions has grown to become a complete creative agency. Websites will always be the core of our business, because we believe that a good website is at the heart of every effective marketing strategy. However, through consistently getting to know our clients and meeting their needs, we are now able to offer a full-suite of marketing services to help you grow your business.




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