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With over 50 qualifications on scope Orion has courses and/or skill sets that cater for a wide range of industries and job outcomes so Orion can deliver programmes that will best suit your needs. Orion is also a preferred supplier for a number of state and federal government funded training programmes so we can both deliver the training and also help you find the best way to fund your training.

At Orion we believe in the value of human interaction. Our courses are delivered using a range of methodologies all of which include real time communication allowing for participants to ask questions as they come up and for Orion’s trainers to provide answers and solutions that support learning outcomes.

Each participant receives individualised quality training that has been tailored to meet their needs. Orion’s vision is a living part of the organisation and ingrained in all of Orion’s activities. Orion also works with companies and organisations to develop performance management plans to improve productivity and increase profitability.



Orion was established by Suzanne Manwill (nee Campbell) as an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) in 2003 after many years working across the corporate sector in senior business training, recruitment and HRM roles. After working with a number of registered training providers in her various job roles Suzanne could see that there were better ways to engage trainees and communicate with employers.

As a result Suzanne took the huge step of establishing her own RTO so she could provide the level of service and trainee engagement she felt was required for good learning outcomes. Fortunately this move has proven to be a successful one with over 1200 graduates completing their studies with Orion in recent years.

Orion Training holds preferred supplier status for a number of government funded training programmes including User Choice traineeships. Over the years Orion has built up its reputation as a quality provider with over 50 qualifications on scope and has successfully won a number of major training contracts in both the public and private sector.


Quality Assurance

Orion has put in place systems that provide the checks and balances needed to deliver a quality assured service.

Orion undergoes regular internal and external auditing to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and internal policies and procedures.

Orion has received ‘High Quality’ status as a result of annual reporting to the Queensland Department of Education and Training of key quality indicators.

Orion’s internal academic governance structure, which includes a Course Advisory Committee and Board of Studies, is designed to support training and course development activities while seeking opportunities for improvement across all aspects of Orion’s activities.


Benefits of Training

Looking for that competitive edge with sustainable business practices? Want to know why one business is successful and another does poorly? How do you retain your staff and increase productivity at the same time? How can you increase your profits without putting on more staff?

All of these questions can be answered by training. Having well trained staff is the single most important thing you can do to ensure that your business is successful, your competitors are worried, and your staff are happy.

Orion’s consultants can work with you to design and develop the most appropriate training models to meet your business needs. By providing training outcomes that motivate the individual and improve the businesses they work for, Orion has provided client organisations with excellent returns on their training investment.

Training doesn’t have to be expensive with a range of Government Funded programmes that you may be able to take advantage of including Commonwealth Employer Incentives.


Government Funded Training

Orion Training is a preferred supplier of various types of Government funded training programs.

If you are a Jobseeker looking to enter the workforce, a 2016 secondary school graduate, or a new or existing employee, you may be eligible for funding in order to gain a nationally recognised qualification.

Each program has a set of eligibility requirements for further information about any of the above funded programs please contact us.

All qualifications offered at Orion are Centrelink approved for Austudy/Abstudy payments. Recipients of Centrelink payments may also be eligible for an extra training allowance. Check with Centrelink for details.



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